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Lucius Forge : Blog de Lucius
King of War : Rapport de bataille Elfe vs Force des Abysses Salut voyageur et bienvenue sur la Forge !Partie d'initiation KoW en 600pts environ avec mon grand (6 ans). Il essaye pour la première fois son armée : Les démons (Force des Abysses).On décide d'une bonne vieille poutre des familles, tout ce qui est scénarisé étant difficile à comprendre pour les mômes. Je gagne le toss et fait avancer mon Homme arbre (berger des arbres) et les dryades ...
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Le convertorum : Conversions, peinture
HALT!!! HAMMERZEIT! Progress on my kill team has slowed down to a crawl, as work and real life suddenly have reared it's ugly head after summer vacation.I have managed to build a fifth member for my kill team though - the squad zealot and chaplain in training, armed with a mighty heavy thunder hammer. I almost changed the head of the hammer as it's just so ridiculously oversized, but in the end I decided to keep the ...
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Full Spectrum Dominance : Blog de Georges Mac
Influence and Inspiration Was the Internet worth it?I'm not getting into anything political here. No identity politics, no grand philosophising. Pure hobby. In which case, the answer is obviously yes. But in what now seems an incredibly obvious statement, it has recently dawned on me how big an influence the Internet has been on my hobby life over the years, how images I have consumed and projects I have followed have ...
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