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One Page Rules : One Page Rules est le site de Gaetano Ferrara qui écrit et publie gratuitement Age of Fantasy et Grimdark Future qui sont des règles de jeu alternatives à celles de Warhammer Age of Sigmar et Warhammer 40.000.

Grimdark Future Video Batrep by Wyloch’s Armory Hi everyone, Just a quick update to share something nice for you to watch this weekend: for those that didn’t know already, Grimdark Future was featured on the Wyloch’s Armory  youtube channel and they made an awesome battle report! The video shows a 2000pts battle between the Battle Brothers and the Robot Legions, and it’s an awesome…
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Realm of Chaos : Oldhammer
The Great Spined Dragon (repaired) There was some talk online last week about how to best construct the wings for the famous Great Spined Dragon by Nicky Bibby. Some suggested PVA soaked tissues, others a paper cut out but reading through the ideas got me thinking about my model. It was broken some years previously in a game up in Mansfield and I never got around to fixing it. So I thought what better time to go about repairing ...
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Olicanalad's Games : Le blog de Olicanalad
A Seven Years War Grid Campaign GENERAL OUTLINE AND VICTORY CONDITIONSThis game requires two players and an umpire. Battles will be fought using house Piquet Rules for the SYW.This simple fictional Seven Years War campaign will be fought by the forces of Prussia and the Austro-Russian Alliance. The basic cause for each side is territorial conquest and military domination. To achieve victory the ‘National Will’ of the enemy ...
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La Forge Stellaire : Blog de Bawon Samdi
BMG v2: Mafia + CR rapide de partie A l'occasion des soldes, j'avais craqué sur quelques starters dont deux boites de la faction Crime Organisé.J'avais fait un rapide open-ze-box à l'occasion:Les voici mis en couleur !La bande du Ventriloque avec sa poupée Scarface. Peindre les types en costard c'est pas ce que je préfère. C'est pas facile car il y a peu de détails.Carmine Falcone, Alberto Falcone et des hommes de mains. Les ...
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