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Bronze de Nain : Blog de Lepreacheur
[KDM] Année Lanterne 17 Il était difficile de jauger, difficile de trancher, difficile de savoir d’où émanait le plus de haine : de cet immense guerrier si terrifiant, où bien des quatre sauvageons qui lui faisaient face, prêts à tout pour défendre les leurs. Corwyn leva haut sa hache poussant un hurlement guttural qui sonnait l’heure de l’attaque !Corwyn est armé d’une hache à contrepoids et ...
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Skirmish Sangin : Blog de l'éditeur :
Russians are coming Oh those Russians....Ok so I am humming bad Boney M classics but that does lead me nicely to more renders of our up and coming Russian range. This is part of a Kickstarter we are planning for both ultra-modern USA and Russian troops and vehicles. These are all work in progress as you can see us swapping guns and things. We don't have a date yet but we promise to keep people in the ...
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Realm of Chaos : Oldhammer
Unreleased Foundry/Citadel Bretonnian Squire Having a better source of natural light this morning (and bolsetered with inspiration thanks to Salute) I got to work on this rather charming figure. His history is a little confusing really, as he is one of those Foundry 'specials' that get cast up from time to time that seem to lack an obvious provenance. According to Marcus Ansell (who gave me this figure) he was sculpted by one of the Perry's ...
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