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Chez Perno : Le blog de Perno
Règles maison.
Premières parties de SAGA, l'Âge de la Magie ! :) Déménagement fini, le garage commence à être présentable et utilisable... On profite des derniers jours de vacances avec Alexandre pour découvrir SAGA, l'Âge de la Magie ! :) Et pour ça, on sort les figs de Conf 4 façon SAGA of Aarklash.Première partie : Lion (Grands Royaumes) VS Scorpion (Peuples Souterrains)Première partie un peu tronquée du fait de quelques soucis matériels (pertes ...
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Saxon Dog : Le blog de Saxon Dog.
Caesarian Roman Legion A few images of my latest project a Legion for the "To the Strongest" wargames rules by Simon Miller. Figures are mostly Warlord games with a couple of officers from Foundry and Aventine.
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Jimbibblyblog : Décors
Plancenoit part two (picture heavy) This is the second base for the Plancenoit for the same client and it joins onto the first base (see photos).Just a quick note, I've seen a couple of comments on a certain fora that the church isn't correct. This is true but the brief wasn't for an exact copy as the client will be using the bases for other games so something generic but suitable was required.It's based on 6mm mdf and the buildings ...
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Le convertorum : Conversions, peinture
MORDHEIM, CONTRAST AND SPACE MARINES July saw an meet-up of epic proportions when twenty or so hobbyists clashed in Helsinki in a celebration of Mordheim's 20th birthday. It was an absolute blast and the terrain and miniatures on display had to be seen to be belived. Huge thanks to Alexander Winberg for arranging this crazy endeavour, and to Mordheim's daddies Toumas Pirinen and John Blanche for participating.I managed to play two and ...
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