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Jaeckel Alone : Le blog de Jaeckel
MM60 Fighter F29 Another addition to my second block of watchmen. This time, it comes from the Marauder Miniatures range MM60.The painting of the shield was quite a challenge (it's incredibly difficult to draw properly a dog head - like it was for the ): what you see is my third attempt to get something not too far from what I had in mind.Family shot:
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Wappelious : Le blog de James Wappel
The Green Man Once I had the large clumps of moss in place, and the glue had a chance to dry for a bit, I could continue with the rest of the process.  I mentioned that the tops of the hills were kept as clear as possible for other types of scatter terrain, in this case one of the smaller tree stands.The clumps on the flanks of the hills were meant to provide potential cover for troops advancing up the hill ...
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Lonely Gamers : Peinture d'armée. Historique.
Vandals in North Africa This beautiful collection of Footsore Miniatures Goths (Vandals) are part of John Maguire's collection. Originally based for WAB I have now given them a new lease of life and have rebased them for the ever popular Impetvs. John Vandal Army was painted and based to represent the Vandals from there North African Empire just prior to being steamrolled by Belisarius in 533AD. The figures as you can see ...
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Highway to Elf : Le blog de Kurtis Koban
Drakerys : Elfes d'Avaren, on commence dans la finesse Bonsoir à tous!Changement de style pour un défi avec le grand et l'ineffable Gregauryc ( ), on s'est mis à barbouiller de l'elfe pour Drakerys :DDrakerys quoi que ça être me direz vous éventuellement peut-être? Et bien il s'agit d'un jeu plutôt "escarmouche" voyant s'affronter plusieurs factions telles que les humains d'Irosia, les orcs d'Ashral, les nains d'Aurium mais aussi - et c'est ce ...
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