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Gardens of Hecate : Le blog de Ana Polanscak
CLXXXVI. Inq28: Inquisitor Morbray Inquisitrix Rosanda Morbray, Ordo Hereticus. Second model for the inquisitorial warband project I discussed in my last post.Conversion and painting once more based on John Blanche's artwork. That one:Artwork by John Blanche.The main donor for the conversion was Inquisitor Greyfax. I actually left out a bunch of parts, including the weapon, backpack, shoulder pads... The original head needed a heavy ...
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Lonely Gamers : Peinture d'armée. Historique.
Sharp's Practice - Spain 1809 I have never really been one to play skirmish style gaming however I do believe I have taken a liking to Sharp's Practice. After watching a couple of tutorials on the good old Youtube and a quick read of the rules we put together a very basic game just to get the mechanics and feel for the game. We were all very surprise to know that the rules played very well and we quite fun. No arguments just ...
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Imagifig : Le blog d'Olivier Vermaut
Conan – campagne (2) Nous avons continué la campagne Conan de Monolith (je joue l’overlord). 6) Le poignard mystique Le 6ème scénario consistait pour Conan, Bêlit, Zelata et N’Gora à retrouver le poignard Yuetshi (nécessaire pour tuer le boss final). Un sorcier dans le village des sauvages vient de le jeter dans le marais.  Les héros tuent rapidement ce dernier et le démon des marais pour ...
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