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Whispe raconte des trucs : Le blog de Whispe
Concours des 60K Hello, hello, gens pressés, les nerfs à l'enversQui prônent un royaume qui ressemble à l'enfer,Bon, je vous ai promis un système en 15 mm, j'y taffe dans ma tête mais j'ai toujours rien posé...Par contre mes conneries ont été lues 60000 fois... Putain, ça c'est beau.On en est pas au trillion du sushimancien blanc (des bisous vilain) d'en face mais ma foi c'est pas mal :DBref.J'ai peint en ...
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Full Spectrum Dominance : Blog de Georges Mac
Influence and Inspiration Was the Internet worth it?I'm not getting into anything political here. No identity politics, no grand philosophising. Pure hobby. In which case, the answer is obviously yes. But in what now seems an incredibly obvious statement, it has recently dawned on me how big an influence the Internet has been on my hobby life over the years, how images I have consumed and projects I have followed have ...
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Luferox : Peinture
Plagueburst Crawler Hey there,it's been a while since my last post here and I'm not sure if anyone stops by this days. Nonetheless I'd like to share new pictures with you. Even if no one comments, I still like to see my past works here on my blog now and than. :)The Plagueburst Crawler is a great model and I like the beetle like design. I think Game Workshop should individualize there Space Marines much more like they ...
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