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Whispe raconte des trucs : Le blog de Whispe
Poussière de guerre! Yop le peuple du web,Pour ce coup ci, un condensé de photos.J'ai la flemme de pondre un pavé :DOn commence avec un Uncle Meat de  l'excellente gamme Meet the Locals de JAG, ce dernier trouvera sa fonction dans mon crew RBN, il ne saurait tarder à être rejoint par d'autre "Locals" 😁Vient ensuite un homme Lezard-Poisson-Dragon (rayez les mentions inutiles) pour une com', j'ignore ...
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Jimbibblyblog : Décors
Wandering into China Not a holiday post unfortunately but one regarding the Boxer Rebellion.I've got a few Japanese infantry in the catalogue now and a new sculptor who is keen to carry on the range (watch this space) and my interest in the period is heightening, especially after the come down after Salute lolGot some new buildings in the Chinese section and working on several more including more walls and I thought it ...
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Realm of Chaos : Oldhammer
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader - The ORIGINAL launch Unless you have been living under a blanket, like me, you would know about GW's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT yesterday. In truth, I wouldn't have known about it save for the excited chitterings of my friends Stuart Klatcheff and Steve 'The Artist Formerly Known As The Citadel Collector' Casey. There is to be YET ANOTHER edition of 40k, albeit one that looks to be following a similar line to Age of Sigmar. ...
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Skirmish Sangin : Blog de l'éditeur :
Platoon + Modern play through Helmand, in the south-west of Afghanistan and roughly 500 hazardous kilometres from the capital, Kabul, shares a southern border with the unruly tribal region of north-west Pakistan. The province consists largely of furnace-like flatlands, bisected by the Helmand River, which is flanked either side by lush vegetation known as the ‘Green Zone’. The Green Zone is an area of densely irrigated land ...
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Le convertorum : Conversions, peinture
Plagueborg I've got a huge and rather different Nurgle project in the pipeline. More on this soon, but as a warm up I cobbled together this plagueborg for my long gestating nurgly dark mechanicvm gang. He/it came out slightly more saturated than his fellows, but I'm still pretty pleased with the result. 
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