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Pousse Plomb :
Rambo-Mueller Dans sa gamme Apocalypse qui est aussi une gamme parodique, vend une figurine de Mr Mueller, directeur du FBI, en tenue de Rambo et en 28mm.Pour comprendre l'allusion, il faut suivre l'actualité récente de ce monsieur et de ses relations avec son président.---In its Apocalypse range which is also a parody range, sells a miniature of Mr Mueller, director of the FBI, dressed in Rambo and in ...
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Olicanalad's Games : Le blog de Olicanalad
A Few Good Men - and Yarkshire Gamer When I started this project I made the conscious decision to do the command stands quickly, to get a game on the table, by making them one figure strong. My future plan was to make the command stands two or more figures strong. This would involve re-basing, but hey ho............. Seeing a heap of painting to do if I delayed the upgrade any longer the future arrived very quickly. I've added ...
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Wappelious : Le blog de James Wappel
Ready the Redcoats! With all of the Army Painting videos that I have been posting to the Patreon Page, I thought it might be time to show an actual army painted with those same techniques!This is just one of several that are being painted for Victoria Miniatures, which are amazing 40k Guardsmen, coming in a huge variety of factions. In this case, you have the Boer War type of uniform style.These are the Victorian ...
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Jimbibblyblog : Décors
A journey to the Empire - Covered bridge Just a quick post for this evening of a covered bridge and a 'dead' tree for my Empire project. The bridge is made to fit a river board but is removable as I have other bridges for different games that can fit there as well. The tree is a piece of dead lavender and scale quite nicely.The bridge took a while to build using plenty of engineers square and jigs. The walls were made and painted ...
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