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Wappelious : Le blog de James Wappel
Stark Marble While much of my focus has been on the Night's Watch and Free Folk lately, I have not forgotten about the original Starks and Lannisters!  Tutorials are under way for the full range of Starks... Outriders, Archers, Berserkers, Greataxes, etc.I am also doing some tutorials on the NCU's of course!  Sansa and Caitlyn will certainly be part of that.These will try to follow the concept art as ...
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Imagifig : Le blog d'Olivier Vermaut
Vœux 2019 Meilleurs vœux 2019, je vous souhaite plein de bonheur et la réussite dans vos projets (figurinistes ou autres) ! J’ai posté 98 articles l’an passé (contre 76 en 2017). Le total s’élève à 1 183. 🙂
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Le convertorum : Conversions, peinture
THE ROAD TO MORDHEIM MMXIX Mordheim MMXIX logo by Tammy NichollsThis summer a bunch of enthusiastic hobbyists (including some of the very same madmen who concocted the original game) will meet up in Helsinki for what promises to be a truly spectacular Mordheim campaign. Celebrating the game's 20th anniversary, Mordheim MMXIX (or Mordheim 2019) will be set 20 years after the events of the original game in the apocalyptic ...
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